We have various types of fee structures depending on the deal.  Overall, you will find our fees are very competitive, and in the majority of cases our fees are tax deductible. 


This is our most common form of remuneration.  The brokerage fee is generally a success only fee, pre-negotiated as a percentage of the funds to be arranged and paid by the borrower at drawdown/settlement. The fee is normally incorporated into the loan and paid from the finance raised on drawdown. 

In some instances the lender will pay us a fee, in this circumstance we will rebate our fee to you by the amount we receive from the lender, saving you substantially.


In this instance an hourly fee is charged, this fee is payable regardless of whether financing is arranged or not.  This fee structure would normally apply where we are acting in an advisory capacity rather than as broker, such as in independent due diligence, project advisory, and project feasibility. 


Finders Fee

If we are instructed to find a property on the market a finders fee may be charged.  Our fee is negotiated at the outset of the transaction.


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